Downsizing the Family Homestead

Leaving the family homestead…so hard to do, so much to consider, and yes, it’s emotional. Those of us who have raised our families, and watched them go off on their own to live their lives, wake up one day and realize…we don’t need this big house anymore.

Realizing is a long way from selling it. What’s it worth? What will we net from the sale? Is it enough? How long will it take to sell it? What do I have to do? How much will it cost to sell? Do we need to do any repairs? Can we sell it ourselves? What about all the hype, billboards, and such; how do we decide the best Realtor to help us out? Do we need a lawyer? What if there’s a problem? Maybe…we shouldn’t sell at all.

Like buying, selling is a process. In today’s world, it’s much different than it was 15-20 years ago. There are more inspections and tests of the house; and these can be problematic. What was the norm years ago, may now be a big deal. It takes help from a professional to navigate these troubled waters folks, you want someone who has seen things, worked things out in the past, who can help calm the seas of selling to let you concentrate on the life change and move ahead to your next adventure.

Selling the family home is a life change, and not everyone is good with that. Takes discussion,
consideration, thought and knowledgeable input from a professional; someone who is interested in the best for you, not just in putting a sign up in front. Interview Realtors, do your research, don’t be misled by big companies and fancy presentations, hire the person who gets it; who understands your goals, concerns, emotions and is willing to really help you make the changes.

Here at SRP, we specialize in helping people do this; we understand, we’ve done it ourselves, and we can make a difference for you.