Getting Real…

Periodic insights into what’s going on in real estate in and around the Capital region.

If you read the news, housing is booming, rates are going up, inventory is low, it’s a great time to sell. True dat. But what to buy? What to pay? How to get the best deal?

The data is all there folks. Never has the public had more info to sort through than now. Trouble is, data is just that, data. Sure, it gives you averages, what to expect to pay, who to borrow from, and so on. Point is, the data doesn’t tell you the really important things; things that could make the difference between scoring the dream home, or possibly something much less.

Your local Realtor is the answer. You want someone who knows the neighborhoods, the traffic, the
schools, the not so obvious things that the data doesn’t bring out. Noise travels, so maybe the railroad siding a mile away is pretty loud in the middle of the night? Just because there’s not traffic when you look at the house, what’s it like during morning commute? And speaking of that, just how long is the commute to your workplace? Your local Realtor knows this stuff. And lots, lots more!
So get your data from all the sources, narrow your search, identify possible choices, then get real, and interview several local Realtors. It doesn’t matter how many homes they sell; what matters is do you feel they will work directly with you to find the best home at the best price? Buying a home is a process, get the local help you need to do that.